Tuesday, October 11, 2005

An odd definition of 'bad'

The muckety-mucks are whining to the Journal Star's Jennifer Davis about how hard it's going to be to get federal monty to help build a museum on the site of the former Sears store.

Yeah, well cry me a river. I think it's obscene to even try to get money for this project while the government is trying to find enough money to rebuild the Gulf Coast.

And then there are these two paragraphs:

More bad news locally is that Peoria County officials recently learned they cannot levy 2 cents for the museum, which would have generated an estimated $650,000 annually for Lakeview.

"We found out about three weeks ago that by statute we can only levy two-tenths of a cent, not two cents," said Peoria County Board Chairman David Williams.

Do you mean that we taxpayers aren't going to be allowed to pay exta taxes on anoher economic development boondoggle on the Riverfront? Aw, no! Darn it all to heck!

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