Saturday, October 15, 2005

I. Am. In. Hell.

I spent most of yesterday playing Trouble Ticket Hell with my host. They make a minor change and email me, then walk away from the problem. I email them back, wait an hour and then they resend what they wrote before, perhaps hoping by rewording their reply, I'd understand that I was an idiot for even asking. I'd follow their intruction again and and only occasionally the lightbulb went off over there and they realized what they did/suggsted didnt' work. Of course, by that time, it was time for them to go home.

And us course, each reply is from a new techie who apparently has only a passing familiarity with sentence structure and punctuation. And each time, it's like reinventing the wheel.

Essentially, this is the problem. I deleted what I thought was an old test blog and its database. Turned out I deleted the real Peoria Pundit database. And my backup is nowhewre to be found. With all my posts. Yeah, a huge problem.

Not to worry, my host said. Send us $10 and we'll restore your database from Oct. 8. Great! That's only a few days of posts I'd miss. No problem. Well. It took almost 10 hours from the time I paid till when they started. I can get a brand-spiffy news installation working. I can even move over the content folders and get the old themes and plug ins. The only problem is that I need the POSTS that are trapped in this backed-up database.

I can't get them to do JUST THAT! They keep insisting on using the entirity of that massively screwed up database with it's bad settings.

ALL I WANT ARE THE FREEKING POSTS. I swear on the bones of my ancestors I will never, ever screw aroudn with the databases again. Just get my posts back.


Bill Dennis said...

test comment

Rent said...

Would you like them gift wrapped or with a side of fries? That really sucks :( I know how it is to work with technicians, I work with them all day! :P

Good luck!