Thursday, October 13, 2005

I suggest a ton of debates

Now this is going to be a very entertaining race to watch.

First District Councilman Clyde Gulley said Wednesday he plans to run on the Democratic ticket for the 92nd District House seat currently held by Republican Aaron Schock of Peoria.

Last week, the state and local Democratic Party endorsed 4th District Councilman Bill Spears, who sources say is expected to formally announce his intentions within the next few weeks. Spears, however, said Wednesday he wants to talk to more residents before making up his mind."

Gulley will get a majority of the Black vote. But I don't see him getting such support elsewhere. He just isn't an effective campaigner. The man lacks effective verbal skills and sometimes has a problem making a lucid point on the floor of the council. Several times this week, he started speaking after another council members was recognized, and he did so simply to repeat a point he already made.

The general line on the race is that it's going to be difficult to unseat Schock, who is a master campaigner. But Spears is the only one mentioned who has even a chance against a well-funded Schock. It all depends on whether the unions put their rivalries and disputes aside and get fully behind Spears.

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