Tuesday, October 11, 2005

About that new biodiesel plant in Peoria ...

... No one I know knows anything about it. Or if they know, they ain't saying nothin'.

But I did get this missive from City Manager Randy Oliver:

We are willing to talk with anyone about something that would benefit Peoria.

One would hope.

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D. P. Jordan said...

Local "leaders" can't see past their noses when it comes to what's best for Peoria.

Perhaps someone is looking at the Growth Cell Two area to build a bio-diesel plant? Peoria needs some businesses that will make use of rail service up there, as otherwise the half-hearted attempt to continue rail service to Pioneer Park in order to abandon the city-owned Kellar Branch would end up being a costly failure.

Of course, we'll all be healthier because of the trail right?