Thursday, October 07, 2010

Site issues at The Blog Peoria Project should be resolved soon

Several days ago, I upgraded The Blog Peoria Project to the most recent version of WordPress. The process seemed to go well, but I soon discovered that any new or existing image that was uploaded to any member blog would not appear in readers' browsers, either part of a post are by viewing the file directly.

Also, the front page of the site would not appear. Also, I soon discovered that any attempt to view any individual post failed.

I contacted the hosting company, and I have been working with them to resolve this issue. It has taken longer than I expected, and I have communicated my concern about this to the hosting company. I am assured that the repair is underway.

I am sorry to bloggers and readers for the inconvenience. I am cross posting this message to all my sites.

Cross posted from TellPeoria Online Media.

Friday, October 01, 2010

You may have noticed this site isn't updated often

I used to use this site whenever I had server billing problems on technical difficulties on my self-hosted site. Well, that hasn't happened for a long time, and I'm doing most of my blogging at my TellPeoria blog: Peoria Pundit on Tell Peoria.

But as co-owner of TellPeoria, I do a lot of blogging about the nuts and bolts of blogging, including (on occasion) hoe to blog on Blogger. Because many TellPeoria members use Blogger. So you might see me making posts here and fiddling about with with layouts and widgets.