Friday, October 14, 2005

ADM odor might become an issue

Don't be surprised if there is some action taken regarding the odor from Archer Daniels Midland.

I've complained about it a lot, only to be met with official and unofficial shrugs of the shoulders (I can't say the city ignored my complaints; they just pointed out it isn't their jurisdiction). Peorians are used to it, and besides, it's the "smell of money."

Fine. OK. I surrender. It's no fun trying to stir up trouble over an issue when no one else seems top be bothered.

But I've learned that the city of Peoria will try to meet with IEPA about ADM emissions and the impact on the surrounding neighborhood.


My hope is that ADM wants to avoid grief and will to something to lessen the odor. Or, that they build a bio-diesel plant here and put a couple hundred people to work. I'm flexible.

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Anonymous said...

I can understand the enforcement of anti-pollution laws but just a smell? Peorians have endured it since Hiram Walker & Sons opened that plant in 1934. I figured we were used to it by now.

Furthermore, ADM has plans to build two new dry corn mills that will increase ethanol production by 500 millions gallons annually. These two plants will be built next to two of seven existing ADM plants.

I'd be surprised if Peoria won one of these plants (and 100+ jobs created) but let's not annoy them just in case.