Tuesday, October 11, 2005

JS version of story doesn't mention Cullinan

The Journal Star does have the Cellini/Cullinan story. It chose to run an Associated Press version of the article that fails to mention the name of Michael Cullinan, a Peorian who just happens to be a member of the politically powerful Peoria Civic Federation. This is the organization that once incuded JS Publisher John McConnell. Well, he was a member, his namew appeared on a list of federation members that somehow slipped into the paper. A month later, there was a story saying that "oh, yeah, I resigned from that group a loooooooong time ago."

OK. Sure. If you say so.

Of course, perhaps it's true that no high-ranking editor at the Journal Star bothers to read the Sun Times, or perhaps they did but didn't recognize the guy whose name is in the paper all the time because of the Upgrade 74 project. Perhaps it's also true that no one on the copy desk read the original Sun Times article either. Or any reporter.

Perhaps all these things are true. Therefore, when this wire story crossed their desk, no one had any reason to even think of assigning any of the dozen or so reporters who were working on Monday to do a local follow-up, even if to add one sentence or two to the Associated Press story.


Or perhaps the only reason this wire story ran at all is because Michael Cullinan's wasn't in it.

Hey, don't blame me for asking the questions. If the folks over at 1 News Plaza had their heads pulled out of their butts and were doing their jobs they way they are supposed to, no one would be questioning their integrity.

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