Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fair and balanced?

The standard spin is that Fox News may lean toward the conservatives, but that's only fair because the rest of the media sucks up to the Clintons:

Another interesting development is Murdoch's hiring of a Democratic public affairs company run by Hillary adviser Howard Wolfson. Murdoch's News Corp. hired Wolfson's firm, the Glover Park Group, to run a campaign against a proposed change in the Nielsen ratings system. News Corp. thought the change would negatively affect their advertising dollars. Senator Hillary Clinton reportedly sent a letter to Nielsen supporting the News Corp. position.
The New York Times has commented on the emerging Murdoch-Clinton alliance. "Even within the company, Mr. Murdoch's political bent does not prevent him from working with Democrats," said the paper. "Peter Chernin, the News Corporation's president, is a major Democratic figure who contributed more than $100,000 to John Kerry's failed presidential campaign. Gary Ginsberg, a vice president for corporate affairs and the company's chief spokesman, is a former Clinton White House aide."

Oh, never mind.

Anyone who thinks for one single moment that the corporate media (and yes, I am talking aboutPeoria's media as well) don't play games and alter news coverage because of business concerns is fooling themself.

The only honest solution is complete transparency.


Scotobrien said...

What does the Peoria media sucking up to local business concerns have to do with whether it is liberal or conservative?

I suggest you pick up Eric Alterman's "What Liberal Media?" or even listen to fat boy Rush Limbaugh's own admission that how the media is liberal has been a trumped up charge used for their benefit. Hell, even Newt Gingrich is on record as saying the MSM is pretty well down the middle and they have used the "liberal media" myth as a battle cry.

Bill Dennis said...

Suggesting Eric Alterman as a cure for the MSM is sort of like suggesting decapitation as a cure for head lice.