Thursday, July 21, 2005

Peoria media discovering that Dave Ransburg is, indeed, a liar

I've been spreading the word for months. But the guys at WEEK got a first-hand look at Double Speak Dave in action today:

At about 3 P.M. on Wednesday, sources told News 25 Ransburg would apply for the board seat vacated by Aaron Schock. But when asked point blank, Ransburg told News 25 it had a scoop if that was true.

About a half hour later, his resume landed on the fax machine at District 150 headquarters.

When asked why the change, Ransburg said: "There was a deadline. Had to get in by four."


I saw the interview at 10 p.m. and I about laughed my butt off. The best part wasn't the complete non sequitur nature of his answer, but the look on his face -- as if he were sincerely stunned that anyone could possibly see the conflict in his two different answers -- was priceless.

Even the non-political Edgar Sandoval noticed and commented. Ransburg isn't worried about making enemies in newsrooms. When election time comes around, he's just going to open his checkbook and buy more advertising than has been spent on all District 150 campaigns during the last 10 elections. And no matter how many reporters he ticks off, his friends on the Journal Star editorial board will write that he walks on water.

There was more double talk when Ransburg said that anyone who followed his campaign for mayor knew that he made improving education as issue. What people who actually did follow his campaign remember was that his opponents made it an issue. This forced Ransburg to start talking about it in slightly less vague terms than he did previously. His record during his single term as mayor was to ignore the whole issue on the grounds that the school district's problems were it's own to solve. He did nothing to foster better communications between the city and the school district.

And this is the guy that four members of the school board want to foist on the public.

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