Sunday, July 24, 2005

Journal Star news snobs find unfunny sitcom superior to cable news

According to Steve Tarter's column about Journal Star staffers' picks for the best and worst of television, "Reno 911" is a better program than anything shown on any cable news station.

No. 2 in the "10 TV shows" category:

Reno 911: "Somebody tell me again the Peoria connection on the best ensemble cast on television."

Ugh. This premise to this show -- a fake "COPS"-like camera follows Reno, Nev., officers around -- might have made for an interesting Saturday Night Live skit, or perhaps Mad TV. But a weekly series? No. And I really don't care about the "Peoria connection."

Listed No. 2 in the "worst" category:

All cable news: "Take random bits of out-of-context information, add arguments presented as debates, mix in a few commercials and you've got this junk."

I'm recalling some of the coverage of the Iraq War. I sat rivetted to the screen by the live reporting of an engagement in progress by doctor-turned-war-correspondent Dr. Bob Arnot.

I didn't like "Crossfire" either, but I won't judge CNN by that alone, anymore than I would judge the Journal Star only on its carrying a column by Cal Thomas, who is one of those talking heads on cable television that some anonymous staffer finds so objectionable.

The Journal Star has it's fair share of junk reporting.

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