Thursday, July 21, 2005

Erosion woes

Molly Parker has pretty decent article about the erosion problems neighborhoods face because of the storm water drainage system that hasn't been repaired.

Across the street on Devereux, Gina Wetzel, a mother of three, said she's concerned about the growing creek because it has become a safety issue.

"It's literally like a raging river," she said. "We're just real careful around storm time."

While her children are getting older now, Wetzel said all residents are a bit tired of hearing politicians promise to do something about it and then not delivering.

"At election time people would come by and say, 'Oh, we'll help,' but then not much would happen," she said. "We're very lucky they're willing to look at it now."

The council did vote to make this a priority when it sets its capital budget.

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