Sunday, July 24, 2005

Media won't give Condi a break

Sudanese government thugs were roughing up journalists who had come to cover Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's visit to the African nation. Condi came to their rescue and angrily demanded an apology.

One would think this would earn her a few Brownie points from the media. One would think that if one wasn't familiar with how the press operates.

To illustrate, consider this blogger:

while visiting the wartorn nation, rice did not ask for an apology for the campagin of genocide supported by the government that has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, raped even more, and displaced 2 million. the genocide does seem to have quieted as of late, though not because of any us policy. rather, the janjaweed militia has simply run out of villages to loot and burn. run out of people to rape and kill. wow. "they have no right to push and shove," rice said. unbelievable arrogance, criminal ignorance. *

So Rice cares more about journalists than she does about the innocent people slaughtered in Sudan, huh? Ummm ... but that's why she was in Sudan, to pressure them into cleaning up their act. In what way -- short of an invasion -- is Rice not trying to help end the problems in the Sudan?

On a hunch, I cruised this person's site and discovered, no surprise, he opposed the War in Iraq. Not our business, he says. Big surprise.

Why is it that the people who whine and complain the loudest that the United States allows genocide to take place in other nations are those who whine and complain the loudest when the United States goes to war against genocidal maniacs?

What does this mediocre blogger have to do with the press reaction to Condi's defense of the press?

Because an illustrious an organization like the Columbia Journalism Review chose to link to it, as opposed to any other blog. This particular site hasn't been around that long, and there are better left-wing/liberal sites out there, not to mention better sites that have a less paranoid view of the Bush administration. Why would CJR do that, except maybe this blog fit that writer's desire to comment on the Sudan incident in a way that didn't make Condi look good.

Hat tip to OmbudsGod, who predicted the press would thank Condi in exactly this manner.

* Note to Dave Dahl: The spelling and capitalization errors in the above quote belong to the original author. Any others belong to me.

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