Thursday, July 21, 2005

I assume full responsibility

The Spring 2005 Arbitron ratings are out, and I am pleased to report that WXCL FM's ratings rose from a 4.8 share last quarter to a 6.4 percent share this quarter. That's a 1.6 point increase. And it's a 2.6 point increase from the same period last year, when we were tied for seventh place. Now, we're in fifth place.

Woo hoo!

These results cover the period from March 31 to June 22. I started my Wednesday appearances on June 1. I shudder to think of the ratings juggernaut WXCL would have become had I started back in April.

Of course, some of the credit belongs to B.J. Stone, my radio cohort and program director. He had the foresight and wisdom to give me a tryout.

I'm going to go on the air solo on weekends very soon, and I'll readers know details as soon as I know them. I'll be by myself in the studio announcing songs, but I'll be able to talk about current events throughout my shift.

And I'll probably still do Wednesdays with B.J.

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