Wednesday, July 20, 2005

It's official: Ransburg wants school board job

The first part of the rumor proved true:

Gloria Cassel Fitzgerald and [former Peoria Mayor] Dave Ransburg join Alma Brown, Merle Felder, Stephen Morris and Cleveland Thomas, Senior seeking to fill the seat vacated by Illinois State Representative Aaron Schock.

A district representative says the six current board members will narrow the list down to three candidates, conduct interviews and select a replacement by the middle of August.

The second part of the rumnor is that it's a foregone conclusion that Ransburg will be picked. He's apparently got the votes of everyone on the board except Sean Matheson and Alicia Butler.

Whoever is picked will haveto run for re-election in April, which would be about one year after Peoria voters tossed Ransburg out on his ear.

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