Friday, September 23, 2005

Peoria Civic Center's failure: Bad leadership or simply a bad idea?

One of three situations is true:

1. The Peoria Civic Center was a wonderful idea when original conceived, but the people running it on the Peoria Civic Center Authority obviously are not up to the job.
2. The people running the PCC are up the the task, but there was never any chance in the world it could have become self sufficient to the point its doesn't need taxpayer subsidies.
3. Not only was the PCC doomed to failure from the very start, the people running it don't know what the Hell they are doing.

It's one of these three choices. There is no fourth choice: Competent people managing a facility that is capable of raising an adequate amount of revenue on its own. If this was the case, they wouldn't be begging -- once again -- for even more taxpayer dollars.

At-large Peoria City Council member Chuck Grayeb says there not six votes on the council in favor of giving the authority even more money. And for that, we can credit the last election when three "progressives" were kicked out and replaced with at least two "essential services first" people.

Democracy works.

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