Friday, September 23, 2005

Bingo's a blood sport

I am reminded of a joke:

Q: How do you get 50 little old ladies to swear at the same time?

A: Yell "Bingo!"

Heh. Via the Journal Star:

The fight started about 11 a.m. at Human Service Center, 228 NE Jefferson Ave., when Roslyn D. Moore, 45, of 1014 W. Hanssler St. allegedly moved items belonging to another player before the game.

Osceola A. Bowers, 45, of 403 NE Perry Ave. had placed belongings on a table in preparation for the game, left momentarily, and when she returned found Moore had moved them, police said.

The two women started arguing, causing facility staff to break up the fight and move each woman to opposite ends of the room.

The women, however, continued to exchange words, causing Moore to attack Bowers with her cane, reports said. Moore struck Bowers hard enough on the arm to break the cane.

I have one question: What the Hell are they doing playing organized Bingo in a government building? Peoria police just raided a place in Peoria where people were gambling on video poker machines. Apparently, only the government and churches are allowed to gamble.

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