Friday, September 23, 2005

Leave God out of it

I find myself in the position of agreeing with Vonster about this post:

I think God is punishing Texas for producing such feeble-minded, selfish choads as our president. It's like God is saying, "Mr.'s Bush and Cheney, how about YOU go {expletive deleted] yourselves." Heh Heh. You response, Mr. Bush? "We must keep fighting science in the church, so that science will keep kicking our asses everywhere else."

God didn't send Katrina or Rita to to punish anyone. God didn't send AIDS to kill homosexuals and He certainly didn't send roadside bombs to kill soldiers because our nation fails to stone homosexuals to death.

This kind of comment is ridiculous whether it's coming out of the mouth of Pat Robertson, Fred Phelps and Peoria bloggers.

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