Friday, September 23, 2005

I have issues

• I've added "Day by Day" to my sidebar. I still have a bit of tinkering to do, I think.

• To make room, I've dumped the pics from my Flickr site. Judging by the uttler lack of comments, no one was visiting it anyway.

• I've increased the size of the text. I've also switched to the serif font "Georgia" for enteries, and went back the the san serif font "Lucida Grande" for blockquotes. It mirrors the approach found in most newspapers. I think it will be more readable this way.

• And on the job front: I interviewed for a sales job yesterday. I'll find out Thursday. And I have many many resumes out there. I like to keep my readers informed because so many of my fans find such amusement in these details.

• And finally, and this is the biggie: I can't justify keeping my cable television and Internet connection. It's just too difficult and there are too many people and businesses having to take late payments from me. So, I'll be making do with my parents' Internet connection for the time being.

I'm due to be shut off soon, perhaps this weekend or next. As soon as that happens, posting will be light (to say the least) and will pick up after the job situation improves.

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