Sunday, September 19, 2004

How to not get links to your site

There's a blog out there that's building a good reputation during the current Rathergate scandal. I went to add it to my Peoria Pundit blogroll. Because I use Bloglines, I need to know the URL for site's RRS feed. I couldn't find it, so I shot off a quick email.

This was the reply:
We do have an RSS feed, though not linked on our site. I think if you look where it "should" be you'll find it.
Well (as Dana Carvey used to say, isn't that special.

Needless to say, no link for those guys, who shall remain nameless.

For those unfamiliar with RSS feeds, it's a stripped down version of a blog that can be read in a newsreader -- even Outlook Express. There are several advantages to keeping upto date with the Blogosphere through newsreaders. The first is that you can set your reader to notify you of new posts on your favorite sites, so that you don't have to visit every site on your blogroll to see if anything new has been posted.

Blogger uses an "Atom" feed, that users can activate in their settings tab. It's also a good idea to post a link to your RSS feed URL somewhere in your template.


Trinity said...

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Trinity said...

how do you get those little speech marks on a post?