Thursday, September 02, 2004

Freebies and courtesy

Notice the button at the bottom of my right siderail? It's a link to Photobucket, the service that lets me host images and put them on this site.

It costs me nothing.

I could make a $5 donation -- and I just might do that later -- and increase the bandwidth and image storage I am allotted.

Until this, I am giving them a free link.

It's just simple courtesy.

Courtesy goes a long way in the Blogoshere, although sometimes it doesn't seem that way.

Everything I know about blogging and the Internet I learned from other people giving me free advice. These people learned from other people, and are simply giving back.

The Internet is like that. Don't believe me? Log into Usenet and subscribe to a few newsgroups. Post a technical question and you will likely get an answer. No charge.

I guess that's one reason I created this blog.

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