Thursday, September 02, 2004


A vital part of any blog is the blogroll. It is simply a site of other blogs you visit often. Bloggers who know html* will write these links by hand. Others -- include some tho know how -- prefer to use to maintain a list of blogs. The site provides bloggers with a simple snippet of code that is inserted into the template (usually above of below the archives code) that generates the list ever time the blog appears in someone's Web browser.

There are advantages. Blogrolling allows user to add a button to their browser (it works in IE and Firefox) that lets them click and add the site they are currently visiting to their blogroll. Remember, make sure your browser has loaded up the actually front page of the blog, not to a specific post. Otherwise, the link won't post to the newest post every time, it will instead bring up that old post.

Remember, the more your link to other blogs, the more others will link to you.

* New bloggers often don't understand HTML -- hypertext markup language -- which is needed to creates links on a page and inside posts. If that describes you, you had best get yourself to a site that teaches the basics. Unless you have a very patient friend, you won't be able to make significant changes to your template, or include links to other sites in your site.

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