Friday, September 10, 2004

Account suspended!

One of the drawbacks of paying for a domain name and paying a company to host your site is that occasionally, they screw up.

Sometime between 10 and 11 p.m. on Sept. 10, the company through which I host decided that I didn't pay my bill and they suspended my account.

Funny. 'Cause It took me all of 10 seconds to find email confirmation of payment in mid July 2004 of one full year of service from them.

I know from experience how these ******s work. They suspend the account late Friday night, and there is no one in the office who can fix it or respond to email and trouble tickets until Monday.

That's not acceptable.

I've saturated the company with complaints as well as hints -- Hell, I made outright threats -- that they better fix the problem or there will be more bad publicity than they can handle.

I got treated like dirt by my last hosting company, but it was partially my fault, so I didn't devote daily posts for one full month that linked their name to the words "idiots" and "moron."

This time I am in the right. 100 percent. So there will be daily badmouthing by me -- using their full company name -- if this isn't fixed very damn quickly.

I'll roast their nuts over an open fire if this isn't fixed. Quickly.

Eventually, will be back up and getting more than 1,000 hits a day. It's not much, but imagine what will happen with people type this company's name into Google and they see what I will be writing about them.


Until then, I will be posting full-time here.

UPDATE: I awoke to find my site restored, and letters from my hosting company saying: 1. I need to resinstall my site because it's making their server crash, and 2) It may be do to higher than normal hits.

Well, the server was workign fine at 10 p.m., yet it was removed an hour later because of server problems? Sorry, it doesn't scan.

And how is reinstalling the site going to solve problems caused increased hits? I'm paying for 50 gigs of bandwidth a month, and I'm up to less than 3 gigs about one-third of the way through this month.

Sorry, none of this scans.

BTW, the contradictory reasons came from the same person in the billing department.

And I will say this, the next time they yank my site, and direct my readers to a default message saying that I have BILLING questions, I am going directly to court and file a lawsuit.

That's libel.

I work in customer support. You do NOT tell strangers that someone hasn't paid their bill, especially when they have certainly have paid their bill.

And thanks to Acidman and other other person who answered my request for a heads up to readers.

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Anonymous said...

Drag them through the mud, Bill. We consumers need to fight back, and fight back hard. I can't wait for you to post the company's name.

--La Shawn