Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Blog*Spot or not to Blog*Spot

I originally created this Blog*spot site as a back up to my pMachine site, now located at That later proved unnecessary.

But I didn't take it down because it gave me a few extra links in my then quest to become a Large Mammal in the Blogosphere Ecosystem.

I gave up the ghost on that a long time ago, too.

But I've found myself spending a lot of time getting friends, family and acquaintances onto the Internet.

Most of the time, I've used

Think is: I hate Blogger. Actually, I used to hate Blogger. I hated it because it was the only option for me three years ago when I first started blogging. I cannot describe how frustrating that was. This was soon after blogging first started taking off. Blogger, a free service that gives everyone the power to get published on the Net, was responsible for a lot of that growth.

Unfortunately, it overwhelmed the tiny little start up company. They couldn't keep their services up and running all the time. Archiving went haywire without notice. The system didn't come with a lot of freebies, and users had to get third-party commenting and blogrolling.

Generally, I found I was having a sick love-hate relationship with them. I eventually moved to my own server and pMachine as a blogging tool.

No sooner than that happened when blogger completely revamped and upgraded. Suddenly, it's easier to use, has more features and its archive system isn't screwed up.

I used to say "friends don't let friends use Blog*Spot." I don't say that anymore.

Oh, back to the purpose of this blog. I've decided to set this up as an example of how folks can use Blogger to set up a pretty-good totally free blog of their own. I'll be referring to this site quite often.

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Stephen said...

I may be joining you on blogspot as well, although I will probably be totally anonymous. I tend to censor things on my blog cause of the people who read it. And since I use it as some sort of diary, it kind of goes against the principles of such.