Friday, July 13, 2012

Will anti-landlord ordinance work in Peoria?

From PJStar:

The Village Board unanimously approved a new ordinance Thursday night that will allow the city to punish landlords for their tenants' frequent criminal behavior.
Under the ordinance, a landlord will be fined $500 after three criminal offenses as defined by the ordinance take place at a property in a year. Each subsequent offense will result in a $750 fine.
Once a property has been deemed a nuisance, the police will notify the property owner, who will have 10 days to respond with a plan to take care of it.
OK, folks. I'll be devil's advocate for this. Name me ONE address where the landlord in Peoria would be penalized for this. Name just one.

Thought so.

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Karrie Alms said...

There is supposed to be a penalty in Peoria ... just check the ordinance for nuisance properties ... including losing the ability to rent your property for one year ... enforcement ... NOT!