Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bartonville ordinace would penalize landlords for behavior of bad tenants

Are you paying attention, Peoria City Council? Bartonville is doing something that some Peoria neighborhood activists would KILL to have:

Landlords could face stiff fines for the actions of their tenants under a nuisance property ordinance that will be considered by Village Board members Thursday.
Property owners could be subject to fines beginning at $500 if three criminal violations occur in their rented residences within a year.
The types of criminal offenses are detailed in the ordinance, which calls for $750 fines for each additional offense after the third in a year's span.
Interesting. Many neighborhood activists blame absentee landlords for most of their problems. This would be one way to get after them. But blamning landlords for problems their tenants create? It seems like third party guilt to me. It seems to me this would force landlords to run a criminal background check on tenants AND their relatives.

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