Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Save your templates

Speaking of Alex and his vanishing templates, there is a simple solution.

Whether you use Blogger or some other tool like pMachine or Movable Type, you simply *must* save a copy of your template on your own computer.

Alex suffered a crash of his site and Blogger lost his template, forcing him to use one of their prepared versions.

Unfortunately, he wasn't using Blogrolling or some other outside linking server. That means he lost his entire blogroll as well.


Trinity said...

I don't understand blogrolling Bill. It's too complex :(

Corgan Dane said...

I do have a copy of my template saved, but also, what I did for a while, while I tinkered with my template, was to have a second, pointless blog, where I could just play with the template, and get everything as I wanted it.

So for a while there, I had two copies waiting in the wings if my template disappeared, one on my computer, and one on that blank template playground blog.

It was a pretty useful way of changing things without worrying about messing up my hard work on the main site along the way somehow by mistake.

Bill Dennis said...

Actually, that's a very good suggestion.

I might take it a step further and create a whole new blog -- with the same settings, etc. -- that uses the seperate test template. It could remain a closed blog that no one could visit without a password.

Trinity said...

what are you two talking about. Some secret language?

clarrie said...

I understand them. I was thinking of having test-blog, too. I do like to tinker with my templates now and again. I also back up my template and my content once a month. I am such a good gurl.