Sunday, October 17, 2004

Comment your way to hits and visits

"You have to write 'em to get 'em."

That's what they told soliders ... back in the days before email and cell phones, anyway.

The same advice holds true for bloggers.

If you are being a good blogger and maintaining your own blogroll -- a list of frequently visited blogs, sometimes maintained via -- you have a ready-made way to drive hits to your site. And, have fun doing it.

You should regularly visit the blogs on your blogroll. And you need to let them know you are reading and appreciating what they have to say by leaving comments. Virtually every commenting system has a way for a visiting commentator to include the address to their Blog sites.

Many include a check box that says "remember info" so that you don't have to retype the information the next time you comment. Of course, for this feature to work, your computer has to be set to accept cookies (don't worry; most computers are set to to accept them unless told to do otherwise).

Some rules of thumb:
1. Don't write long essays. Keep it brief and to the point. If you have a lot to say, write your own post on your own blog, and imply include a link to the post about which you are writing.

2. Don't be a troll. The phrase comes from Usenet -- a form of Internet bulletin board system still in use -- and it refers to people who use fowl, degrading and insulting language, or who post about unrelated topics. Basically, you will know one when you read one.

3. Be careful with HTML. Most bloggers decide on their own whether or not they want posters to be able to use HTML. If you try to post a link, it might not show up at all. Even if a site allows HTML, that doesn't mean its appropriate to flood someone's comments section with links. If the site owner allows HTML, use it sparingly.

This is where blogging becomes a community. This is how bloggers communicate, not through email.

UPDATE: And here is a clue when leaving the address for your own blog: Use the complete URL, such as:


Do not use just the domain name, like

Trust me, it won't work and it will not bring new visitors to your site.


Trinity said...

check your spelling hunny

clarrie said...

using blogroll is fine and dandy, apart from the days it disappears taking all your links with it. Like today grrr.

Anonymous said...

Bill Dennis here: I would have to agree. Since it was bought by Tucows, the service has improved, though. I sugest it because once set-up is complete, the blogger doesn't have to open his/her template and mess with HTML coding. Blogrolling lets you open a page, click on a "Blogroll It" link in your browser and add the site to your roll. It's very convenient.

Aleksu said...

Bill, I will be "stealing" this post.

Trinity, relax, no one is grading our grammar.