Monday, October 11, 2004

Good advice ... follow it

Someone is not following my advice about blogging about work.

Oh, well. It seems innocuous enough. But you never know, which is my point. You never know what is going to set your boss off. Or your boss' boss. Or the board of directors.

Trust me on this. I know.

Repeat after me: "I will not blog about work. I will not blog about work. I will not blog about work."

Unless, of course, it's your job to blog about work. But even then, you can get in trouble.


Oh, and thanks for the kind words, Kevin.


Trinity said...

whose Kevin? tell us all what he said and I'll tell you if he's right.
You tell Stephen aka Mr Grumblemag off cos he's naughty. Tsk I never blog about work. Trin is perfect.

Trinity said...

plus you speak from experience.....tell me what you said to upset the Boss? slight indiscretion?
drunk? tell all. I love gossip.

Bill Dennis said...

Kevin is the guy who runs the site I mentioned in this post. And I one got threatened with termination because I blogged about a bad day at work. Of coursem they fired me a few months later anyway. (and NO this wasn't the Times-Observer).

Bill Dennis said...

Also, there are many cases known to the pubklic in which someone got fired because of stuff the wrote about on their blog, sometimes even when the article had NOTHING about work. That's why I recommend anonymous blogging for anyone whose employer has an itchy trigger finger.

Trinity said...

mr grumblemag is called Stephen.

Trinity said...

I posted about work once and got a written warning. Umm can't tell you why hear though it involves sex and nurses and sex toys

Trinity said...

i think I love you Bill. Fancy a trip to Englandd?

Bill Dennis said...

Hmmm ... not in my budget Trinity. However, if you can be in Peoria, Illinois, USA, in the next 40 minutes, we can hook at up the first Peoria Blogger Bash.

I'll send you some pictures.

You are the second lady witht he user name Trinity to e-mail me today?

clarrie said...

Bill, I was reading the paper on-line and had an "i saw this and thought of you" moment. Article in the Guardian about anonymous work bloggers and also some follow up on their blog

Trinity said...

You sure it wasn't me who emailed you twice? I got a few different email addresses.
You still havent sorted the Kevin affair.

Trinity said...

Yep I looked I did use two diff email addresses. Tsk men. The smallest thing confuses them