Saturday, November 13, 2004

Testing Flickr

Originally uploaded by Peoria Pundit.
I read about a new free photo blogging service like Photobucket or Hello!

It's called "Flickr."

It let folks upload up to 10 Megs of images a month, then use their interface to post the blog onto your Blogger, Moveable Type, WordPress, LiveJournal, etc. blog.

IT seems to work like Photobucket, but with a "submit to blog" interface. With Photobucket, you have to cut and past the image tag, then to directly to Blogger or to whatever service you are using.

Hello! lets users directly upload from their hard drive using software they have downloaded into their PCs, then post that image directly into a new Blogger post. The downside is that it only words with Blogger.

It's still in beta testing stage, and its worth a look.

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Corgan Dane said...

I've heard good things about Flickr, actually.

I haven't used it myself, since I have my own space, and not a lot to do with all that bandwidth...